Girdle with knee-length bra and clasps - DELIÉ 09406

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High control post-surgical girdle with clasp bra that separates the upper and lower part which allows asepsis for post-operative or breastfeeding, it has 3 levels of adjustment that allows you to adjust it to your liking, a false perineal that will make you much more comfortable to go to the bathroom. Its incredible external powernet fabrics provide you with greater abdominal reinforcement for better compression as they generate strong control and shape the body, its internal lycra fabric has Viveltex Protect components that will help you have multiple benefits for the skin. This girdle allows you to define your legs due to its knee-length length and its delicate lace with silicone that adheres to the leg for greater comfort. Its greater capacity in the buttock area enhances and shapes them, defining curves and its flat seams do not harm the skin, and also provide body control. Its use can be post-surgical, postpartum or daily.


Color: Beige, Cocoa, Black

Control level: High

Molding area: Abdominal, Bust, Legs, Buttocks

Adjustment mechanisms: Clasp

Material: powernet & spandex

Style: Knee length


1. Internal lining throughout the garment with Viveltex components

2. The cocoa color generates an optical effect so that it does not leave marks on clothing

3. Three levels of clasps that allow you to adjust it

4. Greater capacity in the buttocks for women with more pronounced curves, enhancing and defining the butt

5. Double abdominal reinforcement to control and define your abdomen

6. Flat or invisible seams that do not harm the skin

7. Upper elastic that helps to properly support the torso

8. Bra separated from the torso by means of clasps 9. False perineal for total comfort.

10. Prevents fluid retention and the formation of fibrosis.

11. Compression girdle reduces pain and provides security in movements.

12. Total coverage on the back gives a stylized posture.

13. It has perfect waist and hip shaping with a defined enhancement effect

14. Pleasant aroma

Garment care

"Washing: preferably by hand.

Avoid using a dryer.

• Preferably use mild soap

• Avoid using ACCESSORIES that could damage the garment when putting it on (rings, bracelets, etc.)

• Wash separately

• Dry in the shade

• Do not use bleach"