Knee girdle with back coverage - DELIÉ 09175

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This is a Girdle that leaves your bust free, its design with clasps allows greater adjustment at three levels, with total coverage on the back benefiting the lumbar region, which allows you to adopt a better posture. Exercise control of your thighs.

  • The Waist Trimmer Controls your body and defines your figure.
  • It is a Girdle with full back coverage that benefits your lumbar region, preventing dislocations and back pain.
  • It has a system of straps that graduate in the front with control in the upper back.
  • Its three levels of clips with gradual compression adjust to your size and control your abdomen.
  • It has a soft fastening with an internal protector that does not harm your skin.
  • Its smooth seams prevent it from being noticeable under outer clothing.
  • It has ample perineal space for your comfort.
  • After surgery, it helps the skin adhere to the muscle to prevent sagging.
  • Its abdominal reinforcement with high compression allows you firm control.
  • It is a waist and hip shaping girdle that reduces and refines your silhouette.
  • It is also a moon girdle that lifts buttocks and generates abdominal compression that gives you a smooth and perfect belly.
  • Its fabrics with VIVEL TEX are a set of components (seaweed, Ginkgo Biloba, Cosmacol EMI and Vitamin E), which help to hydrate, tone and nourish the skin.
  • It has an elastic and compressive material like Powernet, combined with a surface lined with fabrics like Spandex that guarantees total softness.